Omni = In all ways or places

89% retain customers who provide consistent service quality across multiple outlets. A consistent approach over service channels means a more loyal customer. Call centers can collect valuable customer activity, and transaction data across contact points aggregated and analyzed to increase customer engagement, staff training, and internal processes or highlight industry trends.

Omni-channel Call center systems can be used to identify trends and improve staff training and internal processes and thus improve the customer experience.

Omnichannel Contact Center Solution

Omnichannel contact center software has become incredibly popular today, and for a good reason. An omnichannel cloud contact center is a contact center that uses cloud-based, hosted contact center software to handle customer interactions across communication channels. It focuses on providing customers with a seamless experience to switch back and forth across different channels such as inbound and outbound calls, video social media, text, email, web chat, and phone.

When it comes to interaction with a business, customers do not take a linear path. It means that they are likely to use different channels like a phone call, an email, or a mobile app to contact customer service. Regardless of which communication channel they use, customers expect to experience a consistent service throughout every channel and connect with agents with access to their transaction history. With an omnichannel strategy, it is possible to cater to all these expectations.

For instance, a customer may engage in an online chat due to an issue with their order. After waiting a few minutes for a response, the customer can consider calling the customer support team to speak with someone regarding the best way to deal with the issue. This is where an omnichannel cloud contact center comes in handy. It utilizes different contact center technologies to elevate the chat by reaching out to the customer through a phone call immediately.

customer service agents

Although the chat interaction would remain active, the customer would have the option to switch between different channels to ensure that they receive the service according to their needs. The fact is that executing such a service is possible for omnichannel cloud contact centers. They have the right technology to deal with customers intelligently. It includes the use of an automatic call distributor to route calls across multiple channels effectively.

For an omnichannel cloud contact center to operate, workforce management systems are needed to forecast the volume of each channel and schedule agents to cater to the volume. The omnichannel cloud contact center offers agents customer conversation history and data across all channels with agent-facing tools. As the center is cloud-based, the technology is maintained and hosted by the software service.

An omnichannel cloud contact center has complex details to address. Agents have to handle contacts across different channels, and at times, it could be at the same time. Thus, to provide a seamless experience, the omnichannel contact center would need to motivate, monitor, manage, train, and hire agents.

Companies that have realized the importance of an omnichannel cloud contact center and want to transform their basic call center will better meet customer expectations in today’s competitive world.

A simplified interface

The lack of an agent desktop in the contact center was their leading productivity challenge. Gartner says that an improved agents experience increases employee success. The more information agents know and the better the chances are of actually finding the customer records he needs, the better equipped they are to solve problems. Find an omnichannel company that has a simple customer context and provides an interface for you. Give agents a simple and comfortable interface and give them better customer support. Give Agents access to the information to improve their problems. But quickly. Lower agent workloads.

AI-Powered Interactions on Any Channel

NOLA contact center solutions can connect with all customers via a single communication channel. Connect clients via channels e.g. call – video – chat, live chat – text – message – mobile – app & social. Customers can seamlessly switch between multiple digital channels as part of interaction while providing context and relevant information over all channels.

Seamless integration with messaging apps and webchat

WhatsApp has been one of the fastest-growing channels. Adding WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as customers service channels is a new method of communication to bolster your speed and personalization. The solution would include support of the most popular messaging apps. These include tweets DM, Facebook chats, a RCS app, and Apple chat.

Obvious ROI

Fast forward, more than two-thirds of contact center managers do not recognize or integrate their communication systems and channels in their processes or systems. After a horrible service experience, 57% of customers complained to staff at a contact center. These problems increase our process time by making it more expensive for customers and wasting valuable (and costly) agent time. Check for applications that improve key metrics and reduce the long-haul time. Find an omnichannel customer center solution that simplifies operations — from how agents handle an interaction to how to report (and coach to) performance data.

How Can NOLA Help?

NOLA is the market leader when it comes to contact center software. We have offered the perfect omnichannel solution to thousands of customers from across the globe. Our unified, cloud-native applications are designed to help companies holistically run their contact center operations. From omnichannel routing to workforce optimization and analytics, we help our clients with everything.

Topics & Questions

What is an Omnichannel contact center?

The omnichannel contact center is a phenomenal new trend in customer service that has taken the world by storm. This model integrates voice, chat, and social media channels to provide an unparalleled level of convenience for customers, with every question imaginable answered instantaneously on any channel they prefer at their fingertips.

In today’s fickle business climate, it can seem like no one wants to stay loyal anymore– but thanks to this innovative take on multichannel customer care, you’ll find yourself beating out the competition time after time!

What is Omni-Channel in BPO?

Omni-Channel is the strategy where all channels are treated equally. This means that BPO must consistently respond to customers and clients across their customer service, sales, marketing, production, or any other interaction points.

What is the omni-channel approach?

The omni-channel approach is to design, deliver, and manage products or services to integrate the customer’s experience across channels.

Some companies use an “omnichannel” strategy as their business model. It entails integrating all touchpoints for customer interactions from initial contact through purchase after-sale into one cohesive marketing message. There are no interruptions in brand messaging when consumers switch mediums such as phone calls vs. website browsing on desktop computers versus mobile devices like smartphones. For instance, providing live chat support during hours where staff members can be reached by email might not have been feasible before digital media. Still, it has become popular online because people often prefer talking to another person instead of typing out messages back and forth using text-only communication.

What is the difference between multichannel and Omnichannel contact centers?

The world of contact centers is always changing, and with the rise in mobile use, it’s more important than ever to have an all-encompassing customer care strategy. If you’re not sure what that means or how to go about implementing one for your brand, let us help! Contact Centers come in various flavors; whether they are Multichannel or Omnichannel will depend on their structure and goals.