With the help of modern-day omnichannel debt collection software, organizations can recover unpaid debt more easily.

It is nearly impossible for small and large corporations alike to get back the money owed without some automation in collection methods in today’s world. Without these kinds of solutions in place, companies are left burdened with empty pockets or taking on heavy debts themselves, which they have no hope of paying off quickly due to their size.

With a new wave coming forth of more digital communications channels that allows business owners better tools for managing all aspects from customer service professional services such as live chat agents and email correspondence managers through automated processes like phone calls and reminder emails – there has never been so many options available at any given time; this will make paid collections less challenging than ever before!

Ouchh... Cov19

Ouch… Cov19

The coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated difficulty. Companies today are unable to pursue debt due to the current climate effectively. Besides this, the strict legal regulations in place only further restrict companies from proactively chasing debt.

Thus, outstanding debt is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down. It has become challenging for organizations to pay their bills and continue operations. The government has realized this and has offered short-term solutions.

For instance, the United States government launched the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to step up and aid small businesses. The program has helped keep businesses going despite the challenging situation. But, settlement delinquency is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with. It has made it difficult for companies to continue operations. The only way forward is to invest in debt management and debt collection systems.


Collection Importance

Importance of The Best Debt Collection Software for Accounts Receivable Management

Debt collection management is essential in the world of today. If you want to boost collector efficiency, functional performance, and capital, you need to utilize the tool. To better understand the financial obligation system, it is simplified into the following main areas.

Collection Agencies: Collection agencies can use the solution to increase collector productivity levels. Companies require devices to focus on accounts that need attention. Customer communications and digital channels and collections would be streamlined, and everything would be automated, including notifications and signals.

Collection Manager: Besides collection agencies, collection department managers in organizations can also utilize the advanced analytics and software. It would boost functional effectiveness for the collection firms to track the progress that collectors have made. The collection procedures in place would be best performed.

Company: Overall, the company can benefit from the software. It would improve cash flow, offer information about accounts that are in danger, show the total number of unpaid payments, and highlight the risk of aging balances for better performance. These capabilities do not require much involvement whatsoever. Thus, debt collection software for small businesses & enterprise businesses is just what one needs.

Exactly what is debt collection

So, What Is Debt Collection Software Exactly?

Now that you know about the importance of debt collection management software, you must know more about it. In the simplest of words, debt collection software streamlines collections processes to boost operational efficiency. It ensures better coverage and recovery rates. When you use an intelligent debt recovery software program, you get to deliver Promise-to-Pay (PTP) rates. It automates tasks such as sending payment reminders and other manual tasks. Thus, the collection team gets to minimize time spent on unproductive tasks.

This ensures that they spend more time handling accounts receivable tasks, allowing the debt recovery process to speed up.

With a hybrid debt collection solution in play, you get to boost debt recovery by up to 3 or even 4 times. Therefore, you can expect customer experience a dramatic drop in bad debts and improve your overall financial position. The software has been designed to provide you with much-needed assistance.

Why Do Collection Agencies Require using it?

There are many reasons why you need to utilize debt collection software solutions, as mentioned below.

Automate the Debt Recovery Process

One of the main reasons you require a debt collection software solution is that it helps automate the collections process. When you start using the software, you will get to improve customer coverage. There would be a need for fewer agents to take on the work as a lot of the work would be automated. Besides, it would also ensure a faster recovery.

You can use the accounts receivable management software to handle first-level queries to ensure that agents focus on other important issues. Auto-segmenting would enable you to segment customers based on advanced analytics on customer behavior, debt age, and delinquency level for strengthening software debt collection.

100% Visibility of the Borrower Profile

Next, you can use the software for debt collection agencies to gain complete visibility of the borrower profile. You can use the system to offer agents consolidated borrower information. It will enable them to analyze the context of every interaction for increased customer satisfaction. When agents are fully equipped to know the customer’s onboarding period, past interactions, and borrowing cycle, they can provide personalized service. The latest business processes allow for smooth integration with CRM applications for a truly customer-centric approach.


Humanized Collections

Humanized Collections Bot Handle All the Queries

Next, the unified debt collection software can also be used for handling queries with the help of humanized collection bots. They will reduce the overall cost of customer coverage by as much as 70 percent. Create custom call flows and automate other tasks from the collection process, managing invoices to get more done. In addition to this, humanized collection bots also enable machine learning technology decisions to be made.

Decisions can be made in real-time by leveraging artificial intelligence with access to CRM. If the bots fail to understand customer requests, queries are seamlessly transferred to human agents to ensure customers are satisfied. First-level questions can be automated with the help of accounting software & accounts receivable automation software. It enables agents to deal with critical issues. This reduces the pressure of increasing loan management from other financial institutions and maintains great customer relationships.

Automatic Distribution of Cases

The debt collections software also automates the distribution of cases. An expert would handle each collection case. If borrowers require support from the agents, they need a quick resolution. The solution would direct debtors to the right expert or agent to ensure that the collection process is best handled for a much higher resolution rate.

You can even prioritize the HNI customers using analytics and previous data. It would help set the tone for the business. Improve debt collection by automatically mapping and distributing cases based on agent availability, IVR selection, last payment reminder, and geographical location.

Send Personalized Payment Notification

A unified debt collection software program would also allow the team to send personalized payment notifications. As timely notifications will be sent, it would enable debtors to track the next installment’s due date. You can use IVR, Phone, SMS, live chat, video, email, and other communication channels to ensure high recovery.

You can get the attention of customers with personalized notifications. They will help you out with debt recovery.

Analytics for Developing Better Strategies

When it comes to the power of collection software debt, you get to harness its potential by leveraging advanced process automation. It allows for better strategies to be developed that help guide the organization in the right direction. Head over to the dashboard to access analytics. It analyzes team performance, insights provided by customers, and overall collections efficiency.

It would help if you gauged metrics such as the number of customers that respond to automated notifications, the performance of voicemail, customer engagement, ongoing payment activities, pending payments, and so on to streamline the debt collection process and eliminates manual work needed to contact customers. It ensures well-informed decisions are made for predicting the recovery rate.

Intelligent Segmentation in No Time

Management software specifically for mortgage servicing is designed for intelligent customer engagement and segmentation. Customers are segregated based on various factors such as the age of the account, net worth, credit history, and delinquency level. Hence, you get to segregate customers and prepare separate strategies to best cater to them.

Optimizes Agent Effort

When you automate the collection process, you empower debt collection specialists to speak with the right customers correctly with the right information. Customer accounts delinquency data is synchronized in real-time so that no time is wasted.


Reach Out to More Customers

Reach Out to More Customers

Finally, easy debt collection enables you to reach out to more customers in less time. The software offers features that save valuable time and ensure that smart reminders are sent. You can take advantage of automatic reminders to improve your service.

Debt Collection Management Software Features: To better understand just how important unified, cloud-based debt collection software is, you need to take a look at the features it offers, as mentioned below.

Unified Agent Desktop

Automatic Call Distribution

Automation Solution

Humanized Collections Bot

Accept Payments

Outbound or Inbound Calls

Accounting Operations

Payment Tracking

Integrated payment processing * Credit Card Payments

Outbound Dialer

IVR System

Callback Management

Omnichannel Interactions

Reports & Dashboards

Store Critical Documents

Seamless Bot to Agent Transfer

Security Compliance

Quality Monitoring

Seamless Integrations

Credit Bureau Reporting “credit control services or credit management ”

Client Portal

And More

Unified Debt Collection Software in Practice

Taking a close look at how the collection procedures would be automated will help you understand how the unified debt collection software for debt collectors can be put to good use. Track business collection cases would best explain everything.

The moment a customer account is 7 days overdue, the software would trigger an email suggestion automatically. Once the week passes, and there is still no settlement, it would send a second trigger after 14 days. The agent would contact the customer, and the chances of minimum requirement payment being made within the week would be high. Meanwhile, the debenture information would be entered. Two triggers will be generated if there is no settlement despite the payday arriving. The triggers would send an email notification and put the account on hold. Thus, payment would be made in the following three days, and a trigger would be launched to return to the solution in a centralized database.

Greater Control over Outstanding Invoices

It would help if you opted for a unified, simple debt collection platform because it provides greater control over outstanding invoices from your billing system digital collections side. It provides extensive insights into every account so that you can prioritize exceptional accounts and delinquent accounts over manual collections work. The delinquent accounts receivables can be dealt with automatically or through a mix of mechanical methods. Besides, you can include those techniques needed to meet each customer’s own compliance requirements to optimize collection operations.

Without automated debt management and collect software, you will experience great difficulty tracking overdue accounts. The task might seem impossible. The agents would be stuck performing unnecessary time-intensive activities. Moreover, hand-operated tasks are likely to result in mistakes that would affect your earnings.


Unified Automated Debt Collections

Use Unified Automated Debt Management Collection Software

The following reasons explain the use of unified automated management collection software, which is more advanced than other digital debt collections collection software vendors such as simplicity collection. Both are cloud-based but will better manage your accounts receivable in an omnichannel digital debt and collection system.

Financial Control on the Go: The software provides amazing financial control on the go. A cloud-based solution is required for remote work. It offers employees the ability to work from anywhere its end-to-end digital, system.

Increased Efficiency: Efficiency levels increase when you use the software. It automates the entire debt collection process so that the collections team does not need to perform manual work. You can expect to get more done with the tool.

Saves Time: Time is of the essence. When you use the tool, you get to save time. Thus, your team will be able to utilize the time saved to perform other more important tasks that they might have been putting on hold to perform manual collections work.

Cost-Effective: The unified, simple debt collection software offers a great return. In fact, you can expect the cost to be covered within just a year. You can choose the most affordable solution without compromising on your requirements. However, quality should always be your priority.

Increased Debt Recovery: With the software, you will also notice an increase in debt recovery. If you struggle with debt recovery, you will find the solution to be just what you need.

Omnichannel: Finally, the unified, digital financial processes simple debt collection software allows you to follow an omnichannel approach. It streamlines multiple communication channels, including modern communication channels like text messaging and live-chat capabilities, to better communicate with customers in contact management, risk and compliance management, document management in a cloud-based environment.


Once you have gone over this guide, you will know everything about unified, ” simple ” simplicity of digital debt collection software. If you’re looking for a new way to recover the unpaid debt, then we have just the tool you need. The business debt management environment connects businesses with their customers. It collects delinquent debts by using automated text messages, emails, phone calls, and even social media posts (depending on your preference). You won’t find anything more comprehensive than this system! If you are interested in learning more about omnichannel digital debt collection software, then there is no better time than now to do so. You can demo our solutions today by clicking BOOK A DEMO NOW!

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