Cov19 pandemic has changed our lives for good. It has also brought valuable opportunities for businesses that are successful in loyalty-building customer interactions. Only those companies managed to survive that offered exceptional customer experience. The fact is that consistent positive customer experiences allow organizations to thrive in just about every type of crisis. To seize the moment, you have to develop a virtual omnichannel call center strategy for 2021.

What Is An Omnichannel Call Center?

Before you can create an omnichannel strategy, it is essential to understand an omnichannel call center. In the simplest of words, an omnichannel contact center is a contact center dedicated to offering exceptional customer service to customers to ensure that they keep coming back using multichannel communication on all-in-one platforms. Omnichannel solutions for contact centers help customers based on the communication channel that they want. The answers are highly effective as they give the agents vital customer information at their fingertips without losing the last conversation.

Through omnichannel contact center technologies, agents can deliver the ultimate customer service successfully. In addition, the technologies help elevate customer engagement and overall customer service.

What Makes for a Good Omnichannel Customer Experience?

The best omnichannel customer experience is a seamless one. If executed correctly, long-term customer loyalty is built to rely on the business to resolve its issues effectively and quickly. The following essentials of effective omnichannel customer service will help you better understand what makes an excellent omnichannel customer experience.

1. Seamlessly Connected Channels

When there is an omnichannel solution in place, customers should have no trouble communicating through different channels such as texts, emails, phone live chat, and video chat. All the channels would be seamlessly connected.

2. Intelligent Routing

To reduce time wasted going back and forth, customers will be directed to the right agent with intelligent routing. Customer data and information are linked by omnichannel capability from all sources. Integrating other applications such as customer relationship management tools with customer service systems makes it possible to ensure intelligent routing to resolve their problems quickly.

3. Well Integrated Applications

With new communication channels being introduced, it is crucial to integrate them fully. To ensure a true omnichannel experience, integration is required at the time the new channel is launched. NOLA ensures that applications are integrated the moment they are introduced.

4. Continuous Information Gathering Throughout the Customer Journey

An omnichannel solution is genuinely effortless. It is based on continuous information gathering throughout the customer journey to provide the best customer experience. As customers are followed from one channel to the next, data is collected along the way. This enables the agent to better cater to customers.

The Best Omnichannel Contact Call Center Practices

The following omnichannel call center practices will allow you to provide a better customer experience.

  • Start with a cloud contact center solution
  • Integrate tools
  • Map out the entire online customer journey
  • As AI keeps evolving its good to start using but not 100% relay on it
  • Pay close attention to social media
  • Ensure consistency is maintained across all channels
  • Track and evaluate consumer preferences as they continue to evolve


We at NOLA are committed to helping our customers exceed the expectations of their customers. With a fully customizable, omnichannel call center solution like ours in 2021, you can have your customer service team be more responsive than ever before and deliver what they need most – whether that’s an SMS, interactive IVR, or live chat, or an email response much more!