The Ultimate Guide to Free Auto Dialer Software


May 20, 2021

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The automated dialer software has become incredibly popular. The sales team widely uses it as it operates as a co-pilot. There is no denying that it is the ultimate call center solution for outbound sales strategy. Research reveals that auto dialer systems boost sales productivity by up to 200 percent. If you are interested in learning more about the call center software, you have caller id reached the right place. This guide aims to provide you with all the information that you need. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

When customers first enter a company’s website, they may not leave with everything they want. It takes one click after another before visitors realize their options by adding easy navigational icons such as tabs across the call center system.

What Is The Best Auto Dialer Software?

In the simplest of words, an auto dialer solution refers to the software which dials phone numbers automatically from a given database. It is not the same as a single dialer, as agents are not required to punch numbers manually. Once the recipient answers the phone calls, the software would connect an agent to handle the call. Therefore, it effectively automates the entire dialing process for agents. This helps save time and effort as they no longer need to dial the numbers. Besides, it only connects them to calls that are answered.

As for the abandoned and unanswered calls, they are filtered out. “AMD ” Answering machine detection sends out Pre-recorded voice messages are left in the voice mailbox for the sales agents. The power dialer app increases talk time and the number of outbound calls. It also minimizes idle time. This is best summarized by statistics which state that the software increases the calling capacity of agents by about 7.5 times. Due to this reason, agents end up spending time actually making a conversation rather than just dialing numbers.

Smart, Swift, and Streamlined Dialing

To better understand the capability of the power dialer software, it is a good idea to consider the outbound sales campaigns as a process that adds value. Just think of a factory and how the conveyor belt powers the motorized pulleys responsible for driving production. It does not require workers to assist. On the other hand, if those workers pushed the conveyor belt, it would only slow down the entire manufacturing altogether. It is the conveyor belt that supports large-scale manufacturing while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Similarly, when we look at manual dialing, it takes up a ton of time and effort. Dialing numbers after going through lists of contacts is time-consuming. With auto-dialers, the process would speed up. Moreover, the waiting time and dialing time would be eliminated. Therefore, call center agents would have an easier time diverting their efforts towards filling the sales pipeline by making more calls.

How Does The Free Auto Dialer Software Work?

The auto dialers software uses simple technology. It requires a mobile, computer, laptop, voice modem, and active phone line. It can either be used with a PSTN or VoIP system. For instance, agents would have a dedicated phone line in a call center setting for accessing the software. It is important to keep in mind that the numbers are dialed by the computer as directed by the hosted dialers. Therefore, the need for manual dialing is entirely removed.

When agents start working on an outbound dialing campaign, the software will dial one number after another from the database. Predictive dialing is leveraged to make multiple calls simultaneously. The system predicts the duration of each ongoing call to keep calls flowing.

Predictive Dialer

The predictive dialer plays a considerable role in making the progressive dialers software work. It is a sophisticated solution that leverages advanced algorithms’ capabilities for predicting answer time and agent availability. The progressive dialers and predictive dialers remove the need for manual dialing. Hence, any delay is eliminated from the sales process.

As for the predictive dialer, it simultaneously calls up different numbers. To take the agent to the answered call, voice detection comes in handy than the call recording comes into play. Ringing calls are set aside in the meantime. Once the call is answered, an available agent would get connected. Statistics show that agent downtime is reduced by 5 percent with the help of the predictive dialer. It is important to note that agents also get to set time for cooling off to maintain productivity.

Voice Detection / Call Recording

Voice detection technology has come a long way. Auto dialers software uses voice detection technology to separate human voice from artificial voice created by an answering machine. Calls that take longer than 25 seconds or four rings are discarded. Besides, it is a given that the prospect is likely to answer the call after four rings.

The voice detection software effectively identifies human voices when the call gets answered by evaluating the length of words spoken. In case there is a pause between words, it categorizes the voice as originating from a human. The autodialer software also drops voice mail which means that agents do not need to call recording fresh voice mail every time.

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Advantages of Auto-Dialer Software

There are plenty of advantages of auto-dialer software apps for mobile IOS and desktops. It is the perfect tool for sales teams and call centers. The following benefits will allow you to understand its potential for your call center.

1. Reduces the Possibility of Human Error

When it comes to dialing prospects manually, the agents can punch the wrong number or contact the same number once again. Since making calls is time-consuming, dialing the wrong numbers wastes time and disrupts the flow. Hence, it makes sense to use the auto dialer solution.

As the dialing process would be automated, there would be no room for error. The automatic outbound call software handles the punching of phone numbers. Therefore, you would no longer need to stress about contacting the same number again or dialing the wrong number altogether. The scope of mistakes is eliminated select multiple contacts with the help of the auto-dialer software offers.

2. Minimizes Downtime

The fact is that dialing a new contact every time takes time. Instead, agents can spend that extra time speaking with customers. Since there is significant downtime when using a conventional phone system, it is an unproductive option. It leads to selling taking the backseat. Therefore, it is important to cut down manual work associated with outbound calling. This is where auto dialer systems truly shine. It handles all the dialing of phone numbers.

An increased downtime is the reality of manual dialing. It is possible to cut down the downtime by giving the auto-dialer a try. It would dial the contacts from the database and connect agents to keep them working. Unanswered calls are filtered out by using a voice detection system using real-time analytics.

3. Boosts Agent Talk Time

Another benefit of the best auto dialer software is that it helps boost agent talk time. It is common for most sales agents to waste their time performing manual tasks instead of focusing on selling to customers. The automatic dialer system every manual task. This helps save a ton of time and increases the talk time of agents. By automating the dialing process, waiting time is also removed as the system connects agents to whichever call gets answered first. Besides, a voice detection system is used for identifying voicemail boxes and answering machines.

4. Increases Productivity

The progressive dialer uses an algorithm to determine when customers are most likely to pick up. Calls are put in queue if there is no agent available. Moreover, it even forecasts the call duration and dials the next number of seconds before an ongoing call comes to an end. Thus, the process allows for back-to-back pitches. The agents would have some cool-off sessions ” agent idle time. ” The predictive dialers would ensure that the sales team is more productive. It would become more accessible for agents to cover more customers in comparison to the regular dialer.

5. Improves Lead Generation Capabilities

The sales team needs to make more inbound calls to succeed. Back-to-back cold calling helps achieve the goal of generating leads. The free auto dialer system enables agents to take on more phone calls and jump from one phone calls to the next. It eliminates time wasted performing manual tasks. The best thing about the system is that it disregards answering machines and unanswered calls. Pre-coded voice messages are also dropped where required to save time. Agents should have no trouble connecting with more prospects and improving their ability to generate more leads.

6. Enhances Performance with Analytics and Monitoring

Finally, the call center software enables one to access real-time reporting and monitoring capabilities in real-time. It ensures that performance is improved. It provides functionalities that take the performance of agents to the next level. Furthermore, managers can use call recording to keep an eye on the performance of every agent-customer interaction and missed calls. It is the perfect tool for training agents. Besides, real-time call monitoring ensures that managers have no trouble guiding agents and jumping in on inbound calls.

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Uses of Auto-Dialer Software

There are various uses of auto-dialer software that help add a layer of efficiency. Many industries utilize automated dialer software for performing a variety of tasks such as lead management and other forms of lead management.

1. Remote Contact Center

Smooth remote contact center operations are possible with the help of auto-dialer software. The software would be accessible by agents using a laptop, desktop, or mobile app. This is why they get to work from a co-working space or home. Thus, agents can conduct auto dialer solution from just about anywhere.

CRM integrations and the predictive dialer ensure efficient and consistent workflows. After the call recording concludes, the call details would be logged into the contact management automatically. It would keep everyone on the same page. Analytics and call monitoring allow managers and team leaders to monitor the performance of agents. The managers would also get to jump into conversations or listen to how agents communicate with agents. They can even train rookies by guiding them with calls without prospects finding out. As for big-ticket leads, they can barge into the immediately calls.

2. Telesales Campaigns

Another use of free auto dialer software includes telesales campaigns. It ensures that the campaigns remain productive and efficient. It does an excellent job of contacting everyone on the list. The system determines who to call. The agents do not have to stress about getting the incorrect contact dialing again. As for the auto dialer, I would leave a pre-recorded voice message if there is an answering machine and nobody attends the call. Thus, the telesales agents would talk with the prospects and take notes during each call. This would ensure that their daily calling capacity increases twofold.

After each call concludes, agents get to tag contacts and save notes as required while the system connects the next call. Live call agents use disposition codes to create multichannel follow-up campaigns involving caller ID, Interactive voice response, text messages, email, and calls. The calling capacity is enhanced by employing the free auto dialer center solution.

3. Lead Generation for Real Estate

Free auto-dialing software is also an excellent tool for real estate. It handles challenging and complex tasks. Since there is a time lag between the actual sale and the prospecting process, it is important to make the time. Thus, you get to improve real estate generation efforts.

Free auto dialing provides real estate agents with the perfect opportunity to reduce lead generation inefficiencies. It removes obstacles and speeds up the process. Real estate agents can also access pre-defined period scripts for backing up their pitch. As soon as the prospect ends the call transfer, notes can be automatically entered into the contact management by the live call agent. The auto-dialer carries out manual tasks to assist real estate agents with closing deals. More calls are made throughout the day, which ultimately means bottom-line growth.

4. Banking and Insurance Industry Prospecting

The banking and insurance industry has also experienced considerable automation over the years. Free auto dialer software is heavily used by banking and insurance companies for contacting prospects interested in automobile insurance, housing insurance, and loans.

Since the banking and insurance industry is complex, there is a need for detailed clarification before offering insurance and financial products. Therefore, banking and insurance agents require more time to establish a connection with their prospects. Moreover, studies show that outbound call centers and sales representatives offering financial services achieve a much higher contact rate with the help of preview dialer software.

As the unanswered route calls are call transfer automatically filtered out, and voicemails are sent to save time. This provides agents with more time to take on other client-building tasks, ” agent productivity ”

5. Polls for Political Organizations and Telephone Surveys

Finally, campaign management can also take advantage of free preview dialer software to conduct mass polls and surveys for policymaking, voter contact, and pre-poll campaign management. The organizations conduct telephone surveys to capture quantitative and qualitative data. Free auto dialer software also carries out large-scale polls and surveys. Political campaigns can upload lists to get started to contact respondents or voters and gather contact details. Only those callers are connected that respond to the calls. As the survey script is presented to the dedicated agent, relevant questions can be asked to ensure that respondents answer only the right questions.

Agents availability can set disposition codes based on the call outcomes, which would trigger information dissemination campaigns, voice mail, via email, and SMS. The organizations will have no trouble conducting opinion polls using the software.

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Phone Dialer Software and Third-party CRM Integration

As auto-dialers software becomes the norm, it is essential to utilize third-party integrations to their maximum potential. The system boots up the outbound communication system. It clears out every single manual activity. Moreover, it syncs with different CRMs to establish an integrated communication system. Besides, it can be frustrating going back and forth between the CRM and the software. However, agents can leverage automated workflows for the best experience. It is possible by doing the following.

  • Directly Run Free Auto Dialer Campaigns Using the Free CRM: The functionality enables one to use the free auto dialer from the center management to make calls. This ensures that the sales agents do not have to leave the CRM integration for running each campaign.
  • Automatically Log Call Details Into the Agile CRM: A notable integration that you should consider is automatically logging call details into CRM. It removes the need to enter call details manually by calling the telephone numbers. Thus, time is saved by agents as they get to make calls using an auto telephone outreach center solution.
  • Call Disposition Codes Automatically Into the CRM: In addition to the above, disposition codes can be set automatically according to the outcome of each call by the power dialer software. This feature ensures that a single call disposition code is tagged automatically against the center management integration contacts.
  • Receive Customized Call Reports Directly Using the CRM: Finally, you can also receive call reporting & real-time call logs in the customer relationship management according to the call activity.

The future of call center is now. If you have a business and want to be there for your customers, then it’s time to start thinking about agility when looking at agile crm solutions. IP voice mail allows employees the convenience of checking their mailbox from any device with an internet protocol so they can never miss another caller Id again in real-time reporting!


The free auto dialer software has made our lives a whole lot easier. It aims to provide the perfect capabilities to enable sales agents to improve their performance and take on more calls. If you want to take your organization to the next level, you need to invest in auto dialer software for your call centers that will also help with customer service and lead generation efforts. Click here if you want an instant quote or demo of one of these solutions!

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At NOLA AUTOMATION, we know you are busy and time is valuable. We appreciate your time, so thank you for not making us wait on hold to speak with a representative… we digress 🙂

  • Type Multiple
  • Broadcast Type – Voice
  • Voice Type – Mp3 or Text to Speech
  • Select transfer Number, then continue
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So, What is a softphone?

A Softphone is a software-based application that is typically readily available as an application on your smart device or COMPUTER. It is primarily utilized as the primary phone or an expansion of a desk phone.

Softphones have actually ended up being an extra prominent service to remote employees as it gets rid of the requirement to bring a physical phone with you when you function offsite. It is likewise a much more hassle-free and effective option to link onsite and offsite employees.

Exactly how Does a Softphone Work?

There are 2 primary types of softphones: Desktop softphones and also mobile softphones.

Desktop computer softphones enable individuals to accessibility UC includes right from their computer systems without a desk phone. Just download and install a devoted application from your computer system; attributes like conversations, aesthetic voicemail, file sharing, and extra will certainly be readily available to you.

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