Although the desire for connection might be primal, the means we are connected today are completely different from how they used to be. The size of connectivity enabling SIM has shrunk to the size of our thumbnail. But, we still require two SIM cards for using different numbers. However, it is about to change. This is where e-SIM comes into place. It is a new cellular innovation that is expected to change how multiple SIMs are used.

The fact is that traditional SIM cards lose their ability to function if the phone drops into the water. Besides, the process of acquiring a new SIM can be tiresome. The process is also tedious for mobile operators. Hence, an e-SIM is being created by mobile operators and smartphone makers.

What Is E-SIM?

E-SIM is an abbreviation for Electronic Subscriber Identity Module. Its main goal is to work as a virtual equivalent of the typical SIM card. When you use an e-SIM, you get to subscribe to and activate multiple cellular services from different mobile operators without even having to insert a SIM into your device. It does not get better than this. An e-SIM will be embedded on the circuit board and the motherboard or the smart device. Hence, the main concern of customers, which is purchasing two SIM cards or smartphones, is addressed. It means that you get to benefit from a multi-SIM experience without having to do much. The future will involve computers, tablets, smartphones, and other smart devices using an e-SIM.

How Does It Work?

An e-SIM will come with remote provisioning capabilities and M2M (Machine to Machine) installation. In simpler words, the smartphone manufacturer will solder the capabilities into the motherboard. As there would be remote provisioning facilities, activation and management of e-SIMs will be easy. Therefore, you would not need to pay your mobile operator a visit.

For instance, if you want to use another 4G LTE connection on your iPhone and do not want to buy another phone, you will only need to get a subscription from an e-SIM supporting mobile operator who will share a QR code with you for the activation of the e-SIM.

Once your e-SIM is activated by the other mobile operator, you get to switch between the phone number profiles directly from the phone. As the process will be incredibly easy, you will have no issues making the switch. This makes it an extremely convenient option for those traveling globally. Tourist e-SIM cards will become a new reality. All you will have to do is scan the QR code, enter your details, and switch to the other network.

The Future of E-SIM

There is a lot more to e-SIMs than just smartphones and calling. Go beyond supporting minimal features with the e-SIM. Mobile operators will be able to power the next generation of IoT. The connection between devices will be streamlined, and you will get to seamlessly connect all your devices, including smart wearables and smart home devices, to a network.