Omnichannel automation is the future; it is the now. It offers a ton of power to businesses willing to take things to the next level. Automate every single process to boost your contact rate while ensuring compliance. Instead of calling leads exhaustively, it is time that you dialed strategically. This is where Nola Automation comes into place. It is an omnichannel call center automation solution that can help you increase conversions, ensure intelligent real-time reporting, and boost agent productivity. This post takes a close look at how it can help your business.

1. Automated Calling

One of the ways omnichannel automation can help you is through automated calling. It offers various dialing models, such as progressive, preview, and predictive. Utilize its inbound calling capabilities for incredible flexibility. You will be able to streamline all your operations through automated calling.

2. Email

Take advantage of customizable email templates to reach out to your prospects and customers immediately. Now, you no longer need to waste time trying to create emails. You can instantly send out messages without any issues. Once you have initiated a call, it will allow you to send emails and more. The process is relatively straightforward.

3. SMS

Next, you can use Nola Automation to send text messages with a 98% open rate. You can finally supplement emails and voice calls with automated text messages. Create a targeted SMS campaign with the tool. It is relatively straightforward and will make your life a whole lot easier as you will send out many messages instantly without much effort. It is as good as things get.

4. Virtual Agent

In addition to the above, Nola Automation also provides a virtual agent to offer actual human voice recordings that leverage the power of AI technology. Now, you can instantly pre-qualify leads to reduce payroll costs. It does not get better than this. You will never need to worry about managing monotonous tasks with a virtual agent. It will allow you to get agents to focus on more critical studies.

5. Lead Efficiency

Nola Automation provides a ton of lead efficiency features that simplify your work. With these features, you get to utilize redial logic, robust lead management, real-time insights, lead follow-up automation, customized voicemail drops, caller ID reputation management, and automated dial-level scheduling. Thus, you will notice a performance improvement.

6. Agent Efficiency

Finally, you can use agent efficiency features to catapult your omnichannel contact center to new heights. Some features you can use include dynamic guided scripting, quick disposition functionality, superior answering machine detection, and more. There is nothing that you cannot do with these tools. They are here to help you out.

Take your omnichannel game to new heights with Nola Automation. It simply is as good as it gets. You will be glad to use its capabilities. Leverage its power to achieve more. It will leave you satisfied, unlike anything else. If you have been thinking about how to take your contact rates and sales up a notch, it is time that you tried out an omnichannel call center automation solution.

Nola Automation can help increase conversions, ensure intelligent real-time reporting, and boost agent productivity to be more productive in less time. We’re here to answer any questions or concerns you might have about transitioning from manual processes. Contact us today!