Many patients are expected to call between the hours of 9-5, but not all hospitals have billing offices staffed during these times. Today it’s common for many providers and institutions to leave work at 5 pm on Monday through Friday, leaving some patients unable to pay their medical bills until Saturday or Sunday–a major problem with both physicians and healthcare IVR facilities alike.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the rise of high-deductible insurance policies in America. What does this mean for healthcare providers? It means that patients are left to foot much larger payments at once, without any form of flexible payment options. This could cost doctors and hospitals tens or even hundreds of thousands per year! Luckily we have a solution – it’s called Intelligent IVR medical solutions (IVRS). The name is fitting because they’re so intelligent… They allow people with high deductible plans to make their monthly bill payments online 24/7 from anywhere using our convenient automated service, which also has an incredible return on investment for your institution! – likely more than double what they would have earned without the system in place!

An Intelligent IVR for Healthcare: Benefits, Applications and How It Works

Intelligent Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a comprehensive, multipurpose tool that simplifies hospital-patient communication. Patients interact with touchtone or verbal responses to find information, input their data for tracking and billing purposes automatically at the push of buttons through an automated process set up by medical staff members in just seconds flat!

IVR helps healthcare providers to expand “business hours” 24x7x365, increase patient satisfaction and accelerate payments into the revenue cycle. With minimal cost, IVR in Healthcare becomes your best friend with the benefits of increased efficiency!

Don’t you want to make sure your patients can contact the office for help at any time? Why not set up an easy IVR that will let them do just that and more. With our service, they can easily communicate with a nurse or doctor when it fits their schedule best via phone call, SMS, voice mail message, fax transmission, and securely pay by credit card online!

Intelligent IVR is a unique and cost-effective solution to reduce labor costs, increase productivity, and maximize office efficiency. Intelligent IVRs will allow up to an 80% reduction inbound and outbound calls while maintaining high call quality assurance rates. With your newfound free time, you can allocate it toward increasing employee satisfaction levels or implement other innovative initiatives within the company!

The Intelligent Messaging component can send Money-saving notifications, prescription refill reminders, and appointment scheduling messages. These are sent to thousands of patients all at once, and it takes just a few clicks before this was impossible because setting up such functionality would take hours with several office personnel involved in the process.

Intelligent IVR and Intelligent Messaging allow your practice to reach out to patients via text messages or emails, giving them the opportunity for more personalized interaction.

Instantly get feedback from patients with post-call IVR surveys

With a healthcare IVR survey, your callers will be able to provide feedback about their experience using the phone system. They’ll rate things like customer service and wait times so that you can identify what needs improvement after they hang up. This is more convenient than leaving them reviews on review sites because it doesn’t take away from other responsibilities–you get this data quickly without having staff members pull time out of their day-to-day tasks!

Healthcare IVR Payments: Is Your Patient Data Secure?

Medical payments taken through a payment IVR are secure, HIPAA compliant, and you can’t get more private than that! Every transaction is verified with account details only the Patient would know. They’re then authenticated by phone using their voiceprint to make sure it’s really them. Once they’ve been confirmed as being who they say they are, patients could either pay cash over the phone or credit card for convenience sake–whatever your preference may be because we care about what matters most: our customers’ satisfaction level.

Will your EMR/EHR work with Healthcare IVR Solution?

If you’re looking to keep your Patient’ data secure and confidential while still providing them with the convenience of online payments, This IVR Contact is for you. We provide award-winning HIPAA HITECH Payment Technologies (including our intelligent Patient Portal) that report back to your system of record.

Conclusion: In the good old days, patients were required to call in between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., but hospitals have since embraced IVR technology that intimately connects billing offices with their providers so they can take credit card payments at any time of day or night! This has undoubtedly made it easier for sick people who don’t want anything more than to get well as soon as possible; because calling during work hours is no longer an issue, all you need are your medical bills ready when hospital staff calls back – usually within 24-48 hours if not faster!