The Importance of Automated Debt Collection Calls And How You Can Adopt Them?

Gone are the days when one could rely on a manual calling system for making calls and ensuring payments are made. Instead, automated systems have taken over. They allow you to connect answered calls to an available agent automatically. If you want to save time and improve efficiency, automation is the way to go. The following benefits of automated debt collection calls will make you realize its importance.

1. Call Scheduling

An automated service allows you to set the time period for making calls. This means that no call would be initiated outside of the prescribed hours. Now, you might be wondering how this helps. Since you have to ensure TCPA compliance for all your debt collection calls, you cannot make any calls outside of the set hours. On top of this, you also have to follow the hours set by each state. Instead of having callers check the time before making a call, the system would handle everything.

2. Increased Employee Productivity

Another notable benefit of automated debt collection calls is increased employee productivity. Not only do you remain compliant, but you also boost employee productivity levels with the right tool. It will control the speed of calling. The predictive capabilities skip through unanswered calls, busy numbers, and answering machines to connect available agents with debtors who pick up. This allows agents to get more work done.

3. Improved Customer Service

Debt collectors do not break down doors to collect money. Instead, they are professionals who carefully handle debtors in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. By opting for automated debt collection calls, you improve customer service as the system would be equipped with customer interaction history, debtor data, and even a calling script.

4. Provides Reports and Analysis

If you are still not convinced, you would be glad to know that an automated system will also provide you with reports and analysis. You can use the software to gain valuable insights to make better decisions.

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How Can You Adopt Automated debt collection software?

1. CRM Software

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is necessary for automated debt collections. It acts as the central depository for all the data, facilitates workflow automation, segments debtors, integrates with other third-party apps, and streamlines tasks.

2. Call Center Software

There are a lot of different ways to make your call centers more efficient. One way is by using software that ties in with other systems, such as CRMs or cloud contact management tools. For example, you can take notes from important conversations on the fly and have scripts at hand for incoming calls instead of having to search through old paperwork every time someone gets an inquiry about their product!

3. Debt Collection Process Calling Script

Speaking of scripts, you require a debt collection calling script to ensure that everything goes smoothly. It will make sure that no key detail is missed and you comply with FDCPA regulations.

4. FDCPA and TCPA Compliance Checklists

This compliance checklist is necessary if you want to avoid hefty fines due to FDCPA and TCPA violations. Start by training all your callers on the rules, then make sure they follow them when talking with customers for this list of responsibilities not to be violated:

You have to train callers so that their conversations comply with these laws. Here’s a quick summary: Â You cannot use any form or language which would lead the customer into giving away more information than what was requested; This includes calling past 8 pm unless it has been arranged beforehand; Under no circumstance can an unsolicited message be left about such topics as offers, announcements, etc.; Messages should only last 15 seconds max (unless specifically agreed upon)

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Conclusion – Collection Process

Automated debt collection calls are one of the best ways to stay on top of your money. They offer a ton of benefits, but there’s more! There is no need for you to spend time doing paperwork or phone call when it can be done automatically and efficiently by software programs that have become standard in many organizations’ collections departments. You’ll also enjoy reduced labor costs because these types of systems don’t require call centers with operators who might collect less than optimal amounts from those being called using an automated system. So what are you waiting for? Follow our advice when adopting this type of setup so that you can find out firsthand how easy and enjoyable it truly is to use these machines!