Customers want to have their issues resolved quickly regardless of how they reach you. However, most customers today expect businesses to seamlessly switch across different communication channels such as phone calls, website chats, video chat, and emails to cater to their needs. It is the future of customer service, no matter the size of your business.

To meet these demands, there is a need for a service platform that effectively brings all data sources and channels together so that agents can effectively and efficiently deal with customers. That is where omnichannel solutions for contact centers come into place. They outperform multichannel tools that continue to be stuck in legacy centers.

All About Omnichannel Contact Centers

If you do not know what an omnichannel contact center is, it is a contact center where agents get to manage and utilize different service channels from one place effectively. When we look at things from a modern perspective, agents use a single software to work on various channels. This software solution allows agents to access the entire customer history and anticipate future interaction. It helps make it a lot easier for agents to deliver high-quality service.

Is A Multichannel Contact Center The Same As An Omnichannel Contact Center? How Do They Differ?

Before you decide what solution is best suited for developing an omnichannel strategy, you should learn about the differences between the omnichannel contact center and the traditional multichannel contact center. People tend to make a common mistake because they mistake the two contact centers as being the same thing. It could not be further from the truth.

Understanding the difference between the two will convince you to utilize omnichannel contact center technologies. Multichannel solutions might provide customers with access to the same methods for providing support to customers, but such solutions are not connected. That means that agents would be unable to view the entire customer history and customer profile. It would prevent them from providing customers with a seamless experience.

Omnichannel solutions, on the other hand, are fully connected. Thus, it is possible to provide customers with a seamless experience that is unrivaled to none. For instance, if a customer engages with your business on your app or website and decides to chat with an agent, the representative would immediately access their chat history to resolve their problem immediately.

Who Uses Omnichannel Contact Centers?

Omnichannel contact centers are widely used today by industry leaders. They provide the ultimate solution that is both affordable and responsive to the needs of customers. NOLA has worked with some of the most prominent enterprises and provided them with data-rich solutions to better understand their customers.

The first adopters of omnichannel contact centers were global enterprises. As smaller corporations saw the benefits of omnichannel solutions, they have also switched from traditional call center solutions.


There is no denying that omnichannel contact center solutions are the future of customer service. If you want to remain competitive and continue to grow your business, you need to contact Nola for a discovery call for the best omnichannel solutions.