Automated Customer communication is essential to strong collections. Timely, customized communications will increase collections, decrease DSO, expedite cash flow, increase efficiency and improve customer experience.

Range AR outreach with automated interactions driven by consumer information and behavior. Chance and partially timed efforts to get to customers are a waste of initiative and can be counterproductive. Well-timed, personalized interactions are more likely to be reviewed and acted on.

Use the following four approaches to scale your AR outreach with automated consumer communications and help your team attain AR goals.


Sync Communications with Sequencing


Begin consumer communications according to your collections plan at each phase of invoice aging. Usage collections automation to activate consumer interactions as invoices age through the stages of your collections plan. Automated tips are an efficient and effective tool for speaking to customers and pushing them to take action. Sequenced client interactions will certainly raise collections, minimize DSO and increase cash flow.


Personalized Templates


Create top-quality interactions coupled with client contact, billing, and firm data. Replacing generic emails and also texts with well-known exchanges will enhance the efficiency of your automated interactions. Utilizing the right call, invoice, and also firm data will raise the chances that your message will certainly read as well as acted on. Customers obtain several communications. Yours will undoubtedly stick out with tailored templates.


Omnichannel Communications


Send your messages throughout your customers’ networks using ringless, IVR, Phone, text, email, Social, and Video. Automated communications sent with the channels your customers use are extra effective and reliable.


Scheduling Communications


Arrange communications during consumer company hours. It doesn’t help to send communications after hrs or on weekends or vacations. When your customer returns to work, they will be buried under various other emails and texts. When they are more likely to read and react to them, automated consumer interactions can be scheduled so they reach your client throughout business hours.

Use collections automation and range your AR outreach with well-timed, customized, and automated communications based on consumer data and behavior. Collections automation will help boost collections, minimize DSO, and speed up cash flow.


Digital Solutions


Accounts receivable and accounts payable cloud-based solutions with customer/vendor websites and electronic procedures keep vendors and customers attached whether they function from another location or not.

With a linked accounting solution for your balance dues and accounts payable teams to work with customers and vendors, you can go electronic and appreciate office automation’s advantages.

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  • Client Self-service
  • Collections Activity Management
  • Coverage & Forecasting