Incorporating video capabilities was considered the biggest contact center evolution not too long ago. From social media to chat integrations to artificial intelligence, the industry has experienced significant changes. Although some of the developments occurred with the introduction of new technology, customer demands have been at the forefront of the rise of omnichannel solutions for contact centers.

Customer self-service capabilities have managed to cater to these demands. With modern technology, it is possible to cater to customers in the best way possible. However, as contact centers continue to evolve, it is crucial to keep up with the latest trends. The following movements will make you realize the importance of creating an effective omnichannel strategy.

1. Adding Chat and Email to Call Center Capabilities

With more customers choosing to connect with businesses using email, it has become essential to add social media, chat, text, and email to call centers. Research reveals that customers prefer using email when connecting with a business, and many want to use live chat. It was also found that immediate response was considered vital for customers. Since customers are demanding self-service channels and quick channels, chat, and email solutions have emerged. As a result, an omnichannel customer experience has become integral for success.

2. Use of Solutions to Enable Agent and Customer Success

Omnichannel contact center technologies have brought more consumer options. It has resulted in the agent being empowered to succeed in just about every interaction. For example, instead of transferring customers to the wrong department, agents now understand customers’ entire history to reach the right resolution in record time. In addition, omnichannel contact center solutions provide agents with powerful tools that they can use to improve customer service teamwork.

3. Proper Workforce Management

As companies switch to remote work, proper workforce management has never been this important. With advance, omnichannel contact center solutions now on the rise, agents have access to more tools, and companies have an easier time managing their workforce. In addition, with effective workforce gamification, optimization increased consumer happiness becomes inevitable.

4. Quality Analytics

The perfect customer experience is both personal and satisfactory. Customers desire an emotional connection with the business and want to feel that they matter to the company. The customer journey influences how customers think about a business. Using quality analytics, contact centers can better understand consumer choices and provide a deeply personalized experience.

5. Unified Customer Experience

Nobody likes being transferred from one agent to the next. With an omnichannel contact center solution, customers would be automatically directed to the right agent who would quickly resolve their problems and eliminate the need for any transfer. This helps ensure that customers received a unified experience.

6. Revolutionized Customer Journey Management

The transition from a call center to a contact center is all about managing the customer journey. Agents must be able to view the entire customer journey to view every interaction. This would help revolutionize the customer journey altogether.


Conclusion paragraph: We’ve covered a lot of ground in this blog post, from the evolution of omnichannel contact center solutions to how NOLA can help you transition. But before we go our separate ways, let me leave you with one final thought- don’t hesitate to explore all your options and make an informed decision about which contact center solution is best for your organization. And if that means contacting us or any other vendor out there that offers what you need, then, by all means, do it! That way, when 2022 rolls around (and undoubtedly brings even more exciting changes), you won’t have anything left but to sit back and enjoy the show.”