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Tap into employees’ natural motivation with gamification

Gamification in the workplace transforms the daily ’employer experience’ and harness this factor. Gaming appeals to employees’ natural competitiveness. It makes you interact more with other people. Implement everyday activities with game mechanics, social media concepts, and machine learning. The ever-changing world of remote work invents another kind of management. A productive working team ensures optimal performance everywhere work goes—time to reexamine where you handle KPIs for your workers. Gamification is a great way to manage your KPI’s and manage your workforce. That’s a good way to engage your employees differently.

Encourage remote agents

Gamification encourages distant agents and keeps them engaging by ensuring healthy competition among them. There’s an atmosphere where motivates employees to work in gamified ways and encourage agents to feel part of the team. The retention rate for remote high-performing agents compared with on-site agents is higher. Gamification provides fun environments which keep the agents engage. Now you know what gamification strategies are, and below, you learn about them. Gamify call centers and improve call agents’ productivity.

Gamification – An Important Part of Modern Age E-Learning for Corporates

Call Center Gamification “Gamify ” has emerged and has become a broad part of e-Learning. It is regarded as an effective way to engage learners and involves them in serious learning processes. By developing interactive learning experiences through gamification, various employee performance, employee engagement, corporate training, inductions, skill enhancement, and professional skills can be inculcated in employees easily.

Gamification Centers used for serious learning can meet the required goals when the key elements and objectives of learning consolidate with gaming. Gamify encourages call center agents or players to compete and achieve the targets and reach new levels. With this technique, players can master their skills, compete, learn, and socialize; they can also earn various rewards for their achievements.

Value of Call Center Gamification for Call Center Team

Businesses that invest in gamification often think about whether it is the best method to provide training and learning. Will the learners gain the benefits of learning through it or not.

Although gamification involves a lot of fun for the learners, it is a great learning strategy because it grabs attention, intrigues the players to continue the journey for as long as they can, allows to grasp the concept, and engages them. Therefore, a gamification concept crafted with these points is more likely to get a good outcome from the learners. Well-developed gamification will prove beneficial for learners and businesses.

Learners Perspective

Here are the statistics from learners who were involved in gamification-based learning:

  • About 65% of the learners convey that gamification learning is a lot more motivating than the traditional learning courses
  • 80% of learners asserted that gamification is a more productive way of learning

Business Perspective

Some benefits that businesses garner by providing gamification for learning are as follows:

  • Gamification is quite an engaging learning method, and with the right approach, organizations can meet learning outcomes more effectively than any other traditional approach.
  • Because gamification engages the learners completely, the completion rates of the course can be quite high.
  • Gamification is versatile, and therefore businesses can use it not only for learning but also for training and own performance improvement.

How Can You Develop an Excellent Gamify Learning Experience?

To get the most out of gamification learning, it is imperative to keep the following points in mind that you must impart when you develop a gamified learning course.

  • Interactive approach
  • Incentives Reward System
  • Learners engagement
  • Good Retention
  • High recall
  • Challenges with reviews of the primary learning
  • Practice
  • Application of the things learned on the job
  • Trigger thinking
  • Influences changes in behavior
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Customer Experience
  • Clear Performance Metrics
  • Average Speed
  • Friendly Competition
  • Improve Performance

To impart the below points in the gamification techniques, it is crucial to develop gamification with these elements:

  1. Challenges
  2. Various levels
  3. Scores – Award Points
  4. Achievement badges
  5. Feedback
  6. Leader-boards
  7. Collaboration
  8. Competition

Examples of Gamification in e-Learning – Gamification Brings Energy

You can check out a few examples of how gamification enhances e-learning and helps businesses in training programs, and allows employees to apply the skills learned through gamification on their jobs.

Induction Program for a Retail Company

A huge retail company developed a gamified induction program for the training purpose of its quality customer service team collaboration to adapt to the company’s culture. This gamified course was developed in a 360-degree platform consisting of Virtual Reality, with features like leader-boards, personalized avatars, and performance analysis. This type of learning helped the organization to understand the efficiency of the users’ interactions.

Induction program for an entertainment company

A globally known entertainment company created a gamification learning experience for its employees to familiarize them with the company policies, company history, important procedures, and various career growth opportunities.

The gamified experience included rich visuals that could be customized, visual tours, and relatable details that made it a fascinating e-learning experience.

Enhancing Professional Skills

A gamified course had an excellent approach and required the players to complete different levels; the advancement in these levels showed the players’ proficiency.

  • The gamified learning experience included various real-life challenges and scenarios that the employees had to deal with
  • In this course, the employees could directly take up the challenge instead of going through theory initially. They could also ask for help if they were unable to clear a challenge.
  • There was also new content every time an employee came back to the learning process; this helped refresh the learning experience.

Rewards And Recognition

A Gamified learning experience gives the center teams a chance to gain rewards by performing well in the course.

  • The learners are asked to perform various gamified activities that outline various important aspects of the organization.
  • These activities are simulated and assist the employees in understanding various concepts and programs of the organization. Performing well in these activities leads to a higher score on the leaderboard, which helps them achieve various rewards.

If you pay attention to the element of the above examples, you can discern that gamification is an excellent way to engage your employees in an interactive learning experience. It is a versatile method and can help your organization in many ways, from learning to training and development. Implementing gamification learning can, therefore, boost your organizational activities to a great extent. Read more about Gamification.