VoIP is much more than a technology that allows us to communicate using our voices over the Internet…

Keep reading to learn more facts about VoIP and how it has changed so many aspects of our lives!

Long before the Internet, we had ARPANET. With this predecessor to today’s Internet came VoIP—because who needs text when you can talk over an ever-expanding network? The very first call was one way, and while it may seem so weird now, back then, people were just happy that they could hear their loved ones from miles away for a reasonable price!

Almost as weird: Speed of 16 kb/s your voice would have been heard during this time is still an impressive feat considering how much faster we are at transmitting data nowadays, with most speeds ranging from 1 million bits per second up to 10; a billion bps and beyond!

VoIP was developed by a couple of gamers who wanted to talk in real-time while playing together. When VoIP first tried to expand outside companies, they used advertisements before calls so that people could use the service for free. That’s right: Vo IP set up the stage for modern social media revenue models!

We’ve found the most interesting VoIP facts to show you just what a revolutionary technology it was!

Organized crime indeed recognized VoIP’s value, and they used it to their advantage by connecting with other criminals on the Second Life game world. In this place, real money is hard to come by in exchange for virtual goods like clothes and accessories, which can be sold quickly without any links back to them. You don’t need an actual phone! Almost anything with Internet access will do – from tablets or laptops up until Raspberry Pis (a credit card-sized computer).

How can you resist these savings? With VoIP, your company is looking at up to 90% less in phone bills. This means that more money will be left over for essential things like paying employees and buying new office supplies! Just think of all those calls from overseas – not only are they cheaper than ever before, but also, there’s no need for expensive hardware to receive them.

Meanwhile, Big Telecom lobbies governments worldwide with their fear-mongering tactics, so stop being a puppet and get these lower rates today by switching into VoIP technology!.

Conclusion: I hope this has been a fun refresher on the history of VoIP and that it’s given you some ideas for how to use this technology to your advantage. Nowadays, there are many options out there when it comes to choosing an Internet service provider (ISP), but if you’re looking for one with a long-term commitment to customer satisfaction, reliability, and innovation, give us a call! We can help get your business up and running quickly while ensuring that all of your communications stay clear as day. Click here or contact our team today!

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