Discover the Fascinating World of VoIP: More Than Just Internet-Based Voice Communication


Dive into the captivating history of VoIP and explore how it has significantly impacted our lives in numerous ways!

Long before the advent of the Internet, there was ARPANET. This precursor to the modern Internet gave birth to VoIP, which allowed people to communicate using their voices over an ever-growing network. The first call may have been one-sided, but at the time, people were thrilled to hear their loved ones from far away at an affordable cost!

Interestingly, the 16 kb/s voice transmission speed during that era is still remarkable, especially when compared to today’s data transfer rates, which can reach from 1 million bits per second to 10 billion bps and beyond!

VoIP was initially created by gamers who wanted real-time communication while playing together. When VoIP sought to expand its reach beyond companies, it introduced ads before calls, enabling users to access the service for free. This innovative approach paved the way for modern social media revenue models!


We’ve gathered some intriguing VoIP facts to showcase the groundbreaking nature of this technology:


Criminals saw the potential in VoIP and exploited it to their advantage by connecting with fellow criminals within the virtual world of Second Life. In this environment, real money is hard to obtain, and virtual items like clothing and accessories can be easily sold without any trace. There’s no need for an actual phone—almost any device with internet connectivity, such as tablets, laptops, or even Raspberry Pis (a credit card-sized computer), will suffice.


With VoIP, businesses can save up to 90% on their phone bills, freeing up more funds for essential expenses like employee salaries and office supplies. International calls are not only more affordable than ever but there’s no need for costly hardware to handle them either.


Despite Big Telecom’s lobbying efforts and scare tactics, don’t be swayed—embrace the cost-saving benefits of VoIP technology today!


In conclusion, we hope this brief overview of VoIP’s history has been enjoyable and insightful, providing you with ideas on how to leverage this technology. There are numerous internet service providers (ISPs) available, but if you’re searching for one that prioritizes customer satisfaction, reliability, and innovation, give us a call! We can help get your business running smoothly while ensuring crystal-clear communication. Click here or contact our team today!

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