This indicates your audit division is arguably the most important location of your operation. It takes care of both daily. Invoicing customers as well as accumulating payments while maintaining those customers’ pleased is important to your success.

Given that you require both customers and cash to run and grow your business, it stands to reason that anything you can do to optimize your accounting division and boost its performance is worth considering.

An automated accounts receivable solution allows you to enhance your approach to receivables and gives your business several measurable advantages that can not be disregarded.

Below are four factors leading businesses like your own are significantly automating their collections and receivables processes.


Capital can make or damage your service.

Around 60% of business owners bother with their cash flow every month. Accounting automation solutions help businesses resolve their cash flow troubles– and even prevent them from appearing in the first place. With automation in place, your AR team no more needs to send e-mails by hand to customers advising them that payments are coming due or letting them recognize that payments are late. All of these interactions are sent out to customers immediately, meaning your customers are never billed late.

What’s more, leading automation remedies provide customers the ability to pay straight from the e-mails they get– which sure beats forcing them to hop over to an additional system to make a payment. Automated services also provide businesses the ability to observe their accounting metrics via real-time control panels conveniently.

As a result of these features, businesses that use bookkeeping automation gain from increased, predictable capital and avoid obtaining blindsided by unforeseen cash lacks.


The far better your accounting metrics– such as days sales impressive (DSO) as well as typical days delinquent (ADD)– the much healthier your firm’s financial resources will certainly be. It’s that easy.

With an automated AR service in place, you can improve your AR metrics since invoices, and relevant interactions will be sent on a timetable. Payments will certainly be processed instantly. Your AR team will have full sight of the consumer’s account, guaranteeing they provide appropriate as well as timely service.

This suggests collections are dealt with efficiently, disputes are taken care of quicker, and usual inquiries are handled via automation and self-service. Firms that use automated AR solutions that give this kind of support, like NOLA, can minimize their DSO by approximately 30%.

The bottom line? The even more understanding you have right into your AR metrics, the much easier it will certainly be to boost them.


Automation frees your accountants from several manual tasks, such as locating details, producing records, and determining data.

There are only many hrs in the day. The more tasks you remove of your plates, the more time you and your personnel will certainly have to focus on other vital procedures.

As automation increasingly makes its means into audit divisions, market pundits think that the AR personnel will invest more of their time in points such as tactical preparation and IT initiatives– which, in time, will make their departments a lot more reliable.


With more time on their hand’s thanks to automation, AR personnel can concentrate on tasks they may or else disregard. As opposed to producing aging records manually, they can focus on establishing more powerful relationships with customers.

The appropriate automation platform can help your audit department function a great deal faster and a lot better. Essentially, the investment can make it seem as though you’re increasing your group’s headcount even though performance is merely enhancing because modern technology is caring for hand-operated tasks.

You care for both your customers, and your cash needs time, uniformity, precision, and interest. This leads to solid partnerships and a predictable, growth-oriented company.

In today’s progressively competitive business landscape, an automated AR solution is no more a nice-to-have: it’s a must.

Conclusion: It’s time to consider automating your accounts receivable process. If you’re struggling with cash flow and a lack of customer satisfaction, it may be because of the antiquated methods you’ve been using for invoicing and billing. With an automated accounting solution that provides accurate data in real-time, as well as streamlines all aspects of accounts receivables management—including collections tracking, reminders, statement generation, and more–your business can finally be free from manual labor while also improving its ability to collect on delinquent debts before they become too costly or damaging to your organization’s financial health. Ready to take back control? Get started today!