About NOLA –Advance Omnichannel Communication Solution

With the help of NOLA, your business can stay connected to clients and partners at all times with top-of-the-class communication solution services. In addition, you won’t have any worries about security or data migration because you will be able to read up on notes on every aspect of your company in a secure environment that is updated for today’s needs!

Using NOLA, which gives you the power of staying ahead by using its efficient management and speed, it is time to take your business online.


You can communicate with your client base and within your business organization using the following services that we provide:

  • Live Chat, Messaging, Video Chat, and Email Our omnichannel software provides fast communication with clients through many options such as messaging, email, and even video chat for meetings and conferences online.
  • Detailed CRM User-Interface

The CRM user interface for NOLA is very detailed and user-friendly. Moreover, it has multiple modes of communication that you can use to interact with your prestigious clients.

  • Comprehensive KPIs

You can keep an eye on your workers to see if they perform their tasks correctly via advanced features. For example, NOLA offers such as call monitoring, recording, etc.

  • Call Whisper and Barge In

NOLA offers call center managers to monitor workers’ calls to be informed of how the workers are performing. They can coach or barge in to take over the call as well via NOLA omnichannel communication solution.

  • Payment Portal

NOLA offers a standardized payment portal through which you can send clients their outstanding bills, and they can also choose a repayment plan. NOLA does not believe in sending out invoices to third-party collections because we value your security and privacy above all!

  • Internal Chat

With NOLA, you can always stay in touch with your organization and never miss a beat. Members of an organization will be able to send messages back and forth and share files or video calls, giving them the ability to organize meetings for their divisional members or conferences via the advanced option. We work day and night to improve constantly while providing more opportunities like Automation which allows all data from various sources into one place where users quickly access it through user-friendly interfaces!