Customers today expect and prefer using different digital communication channel options. Digital channels had already become incredibly popular before the coronavirus outbreak. With most call centers running overcapacity to meet customers’ needs, multi-channel services can prove useful for solving pain points faced by customer-oriented companies such as work-from-home constraints, increased customer interaction, and insufficient data collection.

To cater to this new environment, it is crucial to adopt an omnichannel strategy. It allows companies to improve operational efficiency and provide customer service based on customer preferences. If you consider omnichannel solutions for the contact center, the following capabilities will make you realize their importance.

1. Provide an All-In-One Interface

An omnichannel contact center helps consolidate all digital channels to provide a single user interface that agents can access to provide the best customer experience. Agents will be able to view complete customer interaction history and customer profile information. This would help boost agent productivity and customer experience, which is extremely important in today’s world.

2. Seamless Integration of Contact Center Technologies

With an omnichannel strategy, you get to integrate contact center technologies to provide fantastic customer service seamlessly. As web chat and messaging apps are combined, it becomes easier to offer personalized digital communications and faster customer service. The use of Apple Business Chat, WeChat, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter DM allows you to better cater to customers.

3. Inbound and Outbound Capabilities

The future is all about an omnichannel contact center solution that provides both inbound and outbound capabilities for intelligently routing inbound emails to the right agents and utilizing quick-reply templates.

4. Omnichannel Routing

The use of customized fields has become critical. It is possible to use personalized fields for sourcing interactions to the right agent or team through omnichannel routing. Webchat routing can channel businesses to chatbots for FAQs and transfer complex conversations to the correct agent.

5. Simple and Smart SMS

Multiple support text messages can be sent using an omnichannel contact center solution. The inbound SMS messages received would be routed according to address numbers, customer records, previous interactions, and keyword tags. This would allow for better management of customer queries.

6. Social Listening

Social listening has become the need of the hour. With omnichannel services, it is possible to identify and respond to posts about the business to improve its image on one system. This would allow the company to address customer needs and protect the brand image.

7. KPI Monitoring and Reporting

Centralized reporting is possible with omnichannel reporting. This allows for team performance to be measured for better evaluation. Thus, agents will know where they are missing out and how they can improve through intelligent dashboards.


People want to communicate on their preferred channel of communication that is the new reality. You better be prepared for it as it is crucial to consider an omnichannel solution such as NOLA All-In-One.